Why Your Non-Romantic Friends Deserve Flowers This Weekend
  • Fran C

Why Your Non-Romantic Friends Deserve Flowers This Weekend

Almost everyone can relate to that exciting feeling when receiving flowers from a loved one. The gift of flowers lets someone know you're on their mind or that you're valuable enough to be gifted an symbol of so much meaning. Different shapes and colors in flowers can have significant meaning from peace and forgiveness to passion and desire.

Our non romantic friends play a huge part in living a healthy lifestyle. They give us guidance, support, engagement, remind you of your worth, and much more. In order to be a phenomenal friend in return, you have to communicate in your own unique ways to show your friends that they are loved. Try not to fall into social media trends that encourage you to cut off friends and acquaintances after one misunderstanding or a week of no communication. Instead, extend your arms with intentions of being supportive and try your best to understand their point of view in life. As individuals, we all deal with stress and overwhelming thoughts with different behavior.

Be grateful for the people who stay around you. Through the times when you're being irrational and through the times you're insincere, your friends are worth more than a lot things the world can give you. Strengthen and grow your relationships by sending your favorite person some flowers this weekend.

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