Watch Guide For April 2020
  • Fran C

Watch Guide For April 2020

Updated: May 23

Like a lot of us practicing social distancing, this is the perfect time to binge watch movies and shows that we've missed or have never heard of when once busy with work or just life. With the end of COVID-19 nowhere in sight, here is my Top 5 Watch Guide for April:

Little Fires Everywhere: First of all, Kerry Washington is in it. Aside from how annoying I think her forceful cry is, this show is super intriguing so far. The haves and the have nots have been featured so far but I feel like there's something deep and wild coming in an act of revenge for something in the future. This show is weekly on Hulu so I. am. ready.

The Platform: I watched this movie last night on Netflix with my husband and this movie is disturbing and sick (which is my favorite). If a movie doesn't make me think about "what-if" afterwards or I don't have a scary dream following, it is not the movie for me. In a nutshell, the movie follows a guy who volunteers to be a prisoner at this unique facility and everything takes a turn at whatever level he wakes up at. Definitely worth a watch. If you're a fan of Circle or Cabin in the woods, you'll love The Platform.

Good Girls: I am pretty late with this show but it is interesting and has caught my attention. I love shows that don't follow how a "normal" stay at home wife life. Good Girls is risky and makes me not want to do anything with drugs. Plus, there's a black girl in it with hella relatable humor. I stan y'all. You can watch seasons 1-2 on Netflix and season 3 is weekly on Hulu.

Duncanville: A new adult animation. Bob's Burgers walked so that Duncanville can run. There are a lot of familiar voices like Ty Burrell from Modern Family, Amy Poehler from Parks and Rec, and Wiz Khalifa. I watch this show mostly for pointers with animation design so I'd like to see it as work study but still something cool to follow during your down time.

Where Hands Touch: A fucking heart breaker if you need it. A deep and unforgettable story about a story line we've rarely ever heard of, an African American living in Germany during the Holocaust. I won't ruin it for you but the ending alone makes you want to tear your heart out and feed it to everyone who isn't as blessed as you are in this life. Dramatic, I know.

Final Destination 2: This movie is older so a lot of older individuals have seen this before but I haven't. I've passed FD many times on Netlfix and just decided it was corny. I came to the decision of watching after coming up with a game with my husband, flipping a coin. The first 5 flips determined if we went up or down the menu (Heads, Up. Tails, Down), and then the next 10 flips determined if we went left or right on the row of movies we started at (Heads, Left. Tails, Right). The movie and idea is so mind blowing and interesting that it caught my attention. Every time I thought the story line was getting corny, it was too good to be true and someone new dies. Final Destination was decent and worth the watch. (Updated 3/28)

Candyman: While we wait for Jordan Peele's version of Candyman, this quarantine time is perfect to catch up on the original version from 1992. I'm sold. Just take my money now for the remake that is suppose to coming out in 2020 but with the current rate of COVID 19, maybe we'll see it in 2021. Especially with A Quiet Place 2 being postponed as well, there's a big "we'll see" bubble surrounding this release. Essentially, this story follows a man who became an artist, fell in love and impregnated his muse, then was killed by a few men sent by the muse's daughter. This man becomes Candyman and kills people with his hook. Unfortunately, all I have said is all I can without ruining the movie for you. (Updated 4/3)

Tiger King: I was very investing in this show and was actually able to finish it in a day. This show goes to show you that there are some very different people in this world who lead a very different life than the upscale, city life that I'm used to. There's drama, some sympathy, and of course the question we all want to know: Did Carol Baskin kill her husband? I think so but I don't think she did it alone and I sure as hell dont think she fed him to a tiger. She has a lot expertise with the anatomy of the animals she "fosters", I don't think that if she had his death arranged that she'd get rid of his body so close to home. It is way too suspicious and that woman is very smart and manipulative. On another note, I did see something recently on Twitter that basically says that the show follows Joe Exotic and paints Carol in a negative light. I'm not sure I can see anything her way but can you? Let me know at the contact me link. (Updated 4/7)

Well that's all for this month! Stay safe and remember to wash your hands thoroughly and wipe down commonly touched surfaces around your house.