Saturday To Do List
  • Fran C

Saturday To Do List

Every day is a blur at this point so let's treat today like its Tuesday. Here's what I'm doing today.

  • 3D modeling my main character. With all of this time home, I got this idea that by the time we get out of isolation, I am going to have achieved one singular achievement that I can not doubt myself on. Struggling with giving myself the praise that I deserve lately, I have decided to begin developing a 3D gaming app.

  • Wash my hair. Well, my wig. After a late night run to Taco Bell last night, I threw on my wig after oiling my scalp. Disastrous move but at least I got my Cinnabon bites and two hard tacos.

  • Write two blog posts (this is already #2 so I am pretty far on my list already).

  • Mess around with Code Academy Plus. I would need more coding experience under my belt to continue the development of my app but with the next three months of code academy free, I need to take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible.

  • Mess around with Rosetta Stone. Also free during this time for Spanish and a few other languages. I might come out of isolation a bilingual mami. Who knows?

  • Create a defined financial, life, and career goal list for the next 5 years with my husband. In our living room is a wipe board with one half dedicated to 2020 goals and the other half with month by month goals. So for the month of April, we are only missing two things like upping TSP contributions (which isn't realistic at this time with the decline of the economy going on) and fixing an issue with my car. Both can be postponed but everything else on our April list has been completed and has lead us to cross out some things on our yearly goals as well.

  • Do some stock research. While everyone loses their job with more and more stay at home orders being released, I am shamelessly making money. There is a lot more research involved now that some stocks are tumbling tremendously, but I have made a few hundred every couple of days.

  • Make some candles. I don't think I'll make it to this today which is why it is so low on my list but I do enjoy the process of making candles and if an electrical emergency turns around while repair guys are urged to stay inside, we're going to have to be able to see in the dark.