Resurrecting Day Old Rice Into Fried Rice
  • Fran C

Resurrecting Day Old Rice Into Fried Rice

I actually got this fried rice recipe from a Reddit community I'm in called Frugal. It's basically a group where people posts their tips and finding outs for saving cash. I am always one for keeping a little extra coin in my pocket. One way to also help out with saving is to promote less or no waste. Generally when rice isn't eaten in my house, it usually sits in a reusable glass bowl in the fridge until I do my bi-weekly clean out and throw it away.

I am NOT a fan of eating leftovers. This also goes to "meal-prepping". I'd rather eat a horse shoe before I eat food that was cooked the day before and had time to grow various different types of bacteria.

So long story short, here's that recipe. This creates a leftover meal that is so good my husband always asks for more or to make more rice the day before to have fried rice the next day.


Frozen mixed vegetables

Soy Sauce


Day old rice (using fresh rice will make this meal very sticky)

Large Egg

Vegetable Oil


Add a cap-ful of oil to your pan to begin (I measure my cooking oil by the size of the cap so I don't over use and so my food has a chance to produce its own liquids that can coat the pot from burning.)

I first add in my frozen vegetables at medium heat so they an defrost a bit before throwing in the rice

Add day old rice and cook for about 5 minutes

I then add in about a tablespoon of soy sauce for flavor

Mix and cook for 3 more minutes

Push all of the rice mixture to one side of the pot and in a corner, crack your egg and let it cook halfway before mixing in with your rice

Mix everything together for about 5 more minutes and top with oregano

You did it! You made waste-free fried rice. I hope you love. Comment below and let me know.