Preserving My Coils During Quarantine
  • Fran C

Preserving My Coils During Quarantine

I know quarantine laws all over the states are beginning to lift and a lot of people are looking to return back to work soon, but I still believe another round of COVID19 is to come. I am not taking the chances of bringing that virus home with me so I am still isolating myself with my husband and special guest. On the bright side, this leaves very much more time for me to take better care of myself and my appearance. If you know me outside of my blog and my monthly TV watch lists, you'd know that I shaved my head bald to the scalp about 4-5 times during 2019. In 2020, I have decided to grow my hair out and take the time to take care of it. Over the years, I have experimented with various products ranging from $1.99 to $24.99. The expensive products work but at the moment, I am playing around with just the bare minimum of products to moisturize my scalp until my hair gets long enough for me to reveal it to the world. Here are the products in my hair care routine I am currently using and their price tags.

First I start with a shampoo. I wish I could co-wash my hair as much as I would like to but I unfortunately have scalp psoriasis and need to shampoo frequently to clear out any dead skin in my scalp. I use Mills & Co. Tea Tree Shampoo (20.00 at Jocott brands)

I then follow up with re:clean Volumizing Conditioner BUT Pureology has a phenomenal alternative which is way more accessible.

Clean Volume Condition, $32.00 at Pureology

Next, I pat my hair with a cotton towel or cotton t-shirt but still leave some moisture for the next step which is a leave in conditioner; probably one of the more affordable things on this list.

African Pride Leave-In Cream, $5.99 at Walmart

The next step is oil. Depending on my mood if I am lazy and just want a quick seal without being careful of overuse, I'll follow up my leave in cream with Africa's Best ultimate herbal oil.

Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil $1.99, at Target

Or if you really want to spend some coin on something that is better quality with less fragrances, you can go with the classic Doo Gro hair oil.

Doo Gro Mega Thick Formula Hair Oil, $5.29 at Target

And that is all! Once my hair oil sets into my scalp, I braid it up and lay on my wig to slay honey. I hope this small guide is helpful for people looking for products to help take care of their coily (not curly) hair. Always remember, moisture is key! Make sure you're also giving your body plenty of water throughout the day.