Personal Review of David's Premium Natural Toothpaste
  • Fran C

Personal Review of David's Premium Natural Toothpaste

Since the new year started, I have been making an extra effort to be more Earth-Friendly. That means using more natural products, even if that means I spend a few extra dollars to make sure the world is a little more livable for a few more days/hours or so (considering I am just one person, I'm not sure what I can do alone to save the environment). One of my first steps in that direction was purchasing David's Premium Natural Toothpaste.

Let me start by saying that the flavor was.. New. In the past, I have tried Tom's natural toothpaste and the flavor was nonexistent. David's flavor however, reminded me of essential oils; at first. I was SO excited to add something new and natural into my daily routine that I rushed through my Colgate advanced whitening toothpaste to try this. Not to mention, the toothpaste packaging includes a recyclable metal key that you twist onto the bottom of the paste tube, and get very bit of product out of package. I STAN a no-waste promoting company.

At about week three, the flavor of David's Premium Natural Toothpaste went from essential oil taste to something very close to how I would imagine Bleach to taste. As time went on, I also began to notice the whitening portion of David's was truly not whitening, but instead dulled the color of my teeth. At the end of week three, I am not a fan of waste but I was prepared to throw away a half bottle of toothpaste without regret.

In the end, I chalked this experience up as "I supported a growing all-natural brand and got a free tool to use on my future Colgate whitening toothpaste purchases". How dare I ever betray Colgate like this? I'm going to need ALL of those chemicals back in my mouth after this bittersweet experience with David's Premium Natural Toothpaste.