Multiple Incomes Is The Way To Go
  • Fran C

Multiple Incomes Is The Way To Go

COVID-19 has become comparable to the 2008 market crash in so many ways. Millions of people are losing jobs, losing their incomes, and are being asked to stay inside for their safety (losing their homes are next but we'll get to that later). Of course not everyone is taking the final requirement very well but I think right now is a perfect time to let you know that taking up a gig job with Doordash and Uber is not the only answer to putting some dough in your pocket. Here are a few things I am doing at the moment to put some coins in my pocket that almost anyone can try.

Stocks. Dip your toes into buying and selling stocks. Remember, any profit is profit. Even if it's 50 cents. The next few weeks are primal for financial gains as companies are still rolling out their quarterly earnings report for 1Q2020.

Start a new business. Do some research about businesses that require low start up costs. If there is a service that you can provide from home and does not require you to wait about two weeks for supplies to arrive in the mail, do it. For me, I've been teaching girls on twitter how to become sugar babies without putting out any sugar.

Write an eBook. We all have at least one single thing that we are passionate enough about to know a lot about. Believe it or not, there are people who would love to learn about things that you believe are just normal. You can talk about how to be frugal, the many different ways to lace up and tie your shoes, a collection of dessert recipes from people in your family. The list can truly go on forever.

Teach yourself a skill. There are a lot of online schools offering complimentary courses for the next 2-3 months. Take advantage of all of it. A 3-week course with a certificate can most definitely help you ask for a boost in your pay when you return to work. Take my word when I say that the economic downturn of the coronavirus will be evident in a year to two years. Not much will be resolved if we all return back to work by June and onwards.

Read about ownership. Owning something like an asset in your life is monumental as a millennial. There are so many people who are at the retirement stage of their lives and have absolutely nothing to their names other than a depreciated car that is now worth no more than $300 on the market. Read and learn about how to make a large purchase like a home make you some side money while you're also working to get by on your paychecks. If you have the time, do some research on how to retire early. This is really high on my list.

As I find more free time in my schedule to update this list, I will. In the mean time, try not to allow a lack of physical things to stress you out. It is easier said than done of course, but try to focus more on the things that you do have rather than the things you do not have.