Manifesting The Life You Want For Yourself
  • Fran C

Manifesting The Life You Want For Yourself

If you've read my recent weekly check in post, you will notice that my mind at times can be all over the place. One thing that I do to try to recenter my thoughts is take some time to do some yoga and at the end, quietly manifest the things I want for myself. I thank the universe for my current blessings, I praise myself for carrying my own weight as far as I am now, and then I go into my goals and where I want to go with them in the future. In the beginning, manifesting was hard and strange and I felt a bit crazy just talking to myself with no one around. Below, I'll take you through some tips to see your manifestations come to life.

At the beginning, I thought manifesting was for people who were wealthy or privileged. Think about it, where do the some of the most wealthiest people start? Right where you are. At square 1.

Step one: Figure out a list of exactly what you want. This list can be as little as one singular thing. Be realistic with this thing as well. How will you benefit? Are you able to look at your past actions and believe you're worthy of what you are asking for?

Step two: Remove distractions. If your goal for example is "I will make $500 within the next week", you have to be willing to also save the money you already have. Unsubscribe from shopping emails, dismiss Instagram ads for food when you can cook at home. You have to take accountability of your goals, and sometimes that means cutting off family members who are negative and don't believe in your progression.

Step three: Visualize it. If you told yourself in step one "I will start my cosmetics business by next week", take some time to imagine yourself packing orders to deliver, imagine yourself communicating with vendors for quality products. The visualization portion has always been the weirdest for me but once you push through this step, amazing things are soon to come.

Step four: Take advantage of opportunities. Opportunities are everywhere. Aside from the mental positivity, you will need to put in the work to get to where you need to be. Absolutely nothing is going to come to you without a cost.

Step five: Remain focused and remove doubt from your mind. Make a note of your small achievements and be grateful for them. At times, the things we ask and pray for are not destined for us at that time. That does not mean we take what we currently have for granted.

Good luck!