Life + Work Update
  • Fran C

Life + Work Update

I can not believe that I have not written a new blog post in so long. A part of me even wants to take this entire blog down but when I purchased my domain and website, I made a promise to myself that I would stick out this duty of writing for a year.

Where do I even start with the last time I did a blog update?

I am full time in college right now, I run a successful jewelry and accessory shop, and I am of course always thinking about new things to work on and make more money. I am still holding on very tight to this goal of purchasing my first rehab home at the end of the year and I am on track to get to that goal by December. Thank God!

Lately, I have been thinking about producing my own home repair TV show, for black and minority viewers. Like an HGTV show, and maybe in the future pop out at Target with a home decor line like a black Joana Gaines. Minus the 5 kids and whatever else she has going on. She is very much an inspiration right now, as well as the old school show This Old House. I am obsessed with learning about the building of a home from the ground up. I am not sure how far this idea will go but once school is over in two weeks, I will be available to run my business full time, help my beautiful mother in law build her seasoning brand, and then flesh out this idea to either build a show with a network or try something on my own.

There is also a chance I forget and drop this idea, and then go back to building robots again. I will leave this up to God as a "we'll see". In the mean time, I am manifesting peace in my life, patience to complete school with B+ and above grades, and to stay on top of the money I am bringing in with my jewelry business. Wish me luck!

Hopefully, I can write something new up within next week.