Here's What I'm Reading This Month
  • Fran C

Here's What I'm Reading This Month

It's funny I picked up this reading hobby right when Texas opened back up from lock down so I can't even title this "Here is what I'm reading during isolation". On the bright side, at least my state is open and I can go back to spending my husband's money at TJMaxx.

For the month of June, I have been mega focused on developing some hard skills. Teaching myself to become a better coder, data analyzing, managing money, building a robot, things of that sort. So my list will be pretty much an overview of all of my current interests.

Coding For Dummies by Nikhil Abraham

Upgrading and Repairing PCs (13th Edition) by Scott Mueller

These first two books were a part of my first ever library transaction in the state of Texas. I lost my library card pretty soon after so I guess that was my first and last borrowing experience from the library. Coding for dummies was a good basic breakdown for web development, some CSS design, and then at the end basics of app building for IOS. Upgrading PCs was a phenomenal book covering building a pc and chips from the ground up. You learn about the history of building person computers, different materials used, and then some.

The Richest Man In Babylon

One my favorite books I'd even recommend to a snail. You learn how to manage money, save money, and even learn a few options to set yourself up for financial independence. The book is pretty much a bible for money guidance; full of parable and useful lessons you'll learn more about, the more you read.

Hopefully, I can keep this list going into next month.