Grin, The Honest Truth Review
  • Fran C

Grin, The Honest Truth Review

Grin is an all natural brand which promotes biodegradable products over everything. When I hear that a product can be broken down naturally once thrown in the trash, I automatically assume that it can break in my hand while I'm using it. That is completely the opposite of what happened here. I love these floss sticks!

They are amazing and sturdy quality for when the wire gets stuck between your teeth. Each floss stick is individually wrapped in a recyclable paper packaging which makes it really easy to slide a few into your purse to use after date night.

According to the packaging, the handle of each pick is made from a mix of 40% corn starch and 60% PLA. God knows what PLA is but let's hope growing brands like Grin remain transparent about what their products are made of and serve their purpose effectively.

I need more of this quality in my life. I'm ready for a return purchase.