Get Your Water From These 5 Fruits
  • Fran C

Get Your Water From These 5 Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are just a few ingredients from the earth that can do so much good for your body and your health. More importantly, many of these items provide hydrating qualities that can help you with energy, dry skin, and plenty other things to help your body function.

Here are the 5 most hydrating fruits you can eat if you're feeling slugish at home right now:

1. Watermelons. Of course watermelons are first on this list, they contain 92% of water and is a phenomenal snack to cut up in advance and pick up as finger food later throughout the week.

2. Strawberries. I personally never knew strawberries had so much water in them! Especially if they're organic. Coming in at 91% water content, strawberries are super tasty and if you don't feel like grabbing a bowl, just use them as a topping for any kind of dessert.

3. Peaches. Peaches are so hard to eat BECAUSE they're so water concentrated. 89% is an amazing number in my book.

4. Oranges. I juiced some oranges a few days ago with my handy new juicer and it made it such a phenomenal addition to breakfast in my house. The texture was different from store bought orange juice, but one orange made about a fourth of a cup. Oranges have a 88% water content.

5. Cucumber. I could not complete this list without putting one of my favorite snacks on this list. These have 95% water content and are amazing to just cut up and eat as finger food.

So yea, I love fruit and all of their many benefits but more importantly, I love the hydrating factor they have for skin care. Adding to my things to do in quarantine, I am working to craft and release a specialized facial cleansing oil in my name. Give me a month. In the mean time, be safe!