• Fran C

An Eau De Toilette You'll Never Forget

I would have never thought I would find such an addicting and beautifully floral fragrance at an American Eagle. I honestly didn't even know they sold anything remotely close to a fragrance in their store. After the hype died out on them around 2013/14, I thought they'd be filing for bankruptcy like Forever 21 did in 2019.

Let's talk about the packaging. As you can see in the photo above, the bottle has a compartment on the back side for you to customize the image which is transparent through to the front. This is perfect for gifting someone special an amazing scent and a personalized experience all at once. There's minimal packaging and I feel like that tells a lot. The fragrance literally speaks for itself and is definitely something you can wear daily. According to AE, this 1.7oz bottle has notes of dewy jasmine, cedar wood, and warm amber.

I sprayed my Exposure eau de toilette on a few spring flowers I got from the supermarket last week and the scent is still present and strong! How could I not spray this gorgeous scent again? But around my entire house. Unfortunately, I live with a man and wouldn't want him going to work smelling like a teenage girl for a week. I can only dream at this point.

If you're in the area of an AE store or can shop online, here's a quick link to this one of a kind experience. It's on clearance right now for 50% off (Reg. $24.95, Sale $12.47)! Here